Let’s Pray For The Police Service, The President – Apostle Paul Kwesi Asare

A servant of God, Apostle Paul Kwesi Asare has challenged the people of Ghana to pray unceasingly for the Ghana Police Service, other security agencies and the President of the Republic of Ghana.

According to him, he had a dream about the Ghana Police Service and the evil going within the Service; hence the need for all to be steadfast in prayers for them to be able to carry out the assignment given to them.

He mentioned that dreams are the conduit by which God reveals things to mankind, and that Revelations, dreams an visions that come out from men of God must not be taking lightly.

Speaking on Live Facebook, the SERVANT TV, Apostle Paul Kwesi Asare said “Let’s pray for the Ghana Police Service and the President of the nation.”

He said God who created the world is the protector of man and keeping watch over all of us, but in the physical realm He (God) has also designated some people or a group of people to also keep watch over us.

“So if we, whom these people are keeping watch over, protecting us day and night fail to pray and solicit for God’s guidance for these people then they will suffer both spiritually and physically.”

He averred that the Police, Military and all other security forces need prayers and the country has a responsibility to pray for the security forces.

“When we sleep, these people go on patrols just to keep us safe.

Without police, there is no nation because our safety is compromised.”

He also recalled some men of God who have made revelations about the Ghana Police, including Apostle Francis Amoako Attah of Parliament Chapel international.

Apostle Paul Kwesi Asare Pride among the politicians is killing the nation.

He mentioned that Christians, pastors and Ghanaians have become so full of pride that they have refused to give a listening ear to the message from God through His prophets and Apostles.

Touching on the development drive of the nation and how politicians and party faithfuls are supporting the agenda, Apostle Paul Kwesi Asare revealed that some people within the NPP are doing everything to frustrate the work of President Akufo-Addo.

He noted that even though the President implements the Free SHS education, gave free water and free electricity, Ghanaians continue be ungrateful.

“They have closed their eyes to all these good things the President is doing for Ghana,” he said, adding that they keep paying the good things back with evil.

He said, the only thing that can solve the problem is for the people of Ghana to recognize the fact that whatever the government is doing know is to the benefit of the whole nation and for that matter we eschew greed, pride, envy and pray for the President to succeed.


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