Nii Ofei Is Caretaker Chief Of Kokrobite; Not A Landlord

Nii Ofei

The Arde Nkpa Family of Plerno (James Town) has through their lawful attorney Mr. Frank K. Lewi issued  a statement aimed at setting the records straight on who really is or are the true landlords or owners of Kokrobite lands.

In a statement signed by Mr. Lewi, he gave a background to the history of the Kokrobite land as a 4,786 acre stretch of land which was acquired by Nii Arde Nkpa VI in 1976 and bequeathed to his future generates through a Statutory Declaration L/R 2660 which was witnessed by Nii Ofei Ansah II.

The 4,786 acre land which is registered in the name of the Arde Nkpa Family covers Kokrobite, Langma, and Tuba also known as Takyi man.

He recounted that “when you read that statutory declaration you realize that Nii Offei II had admitted that he is a caretaker chief acting on behalf of Nii Arde Nkpa family and so shall his descendant also be after him”.

Mr. Lewi narrated that as it stands now, it’s only the ‘Mantse’ of Plerno who is Nii Arde Nkpa and the Head of Family Nii Ayinsah Sasraku III who can alienate portions or parcels of those lands under the 4,786 acre area as mentioned above with Nii Ofei III(now) who at all material times only bear witness to grants made by the family.

He said, the Statutory Declaration affected Nii Ofei II and so does it affect the current caretaker Chief of Kokrobite Nii Ofei III.

“So therefore we are by this publication throwing caution to unsuspecting public that any grants made by Nii Offei III on his own volition remains invalid, null and void and this applies to all other grants made by some imposters including Dada Joe, Daniel Tagoe, Armah Fit and Aryee Fushie.

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