LG Excites Consumers with  Smart and Sustainable Steam Washers and Dryers

Household chores is an unavoidable part of daily life. Many people consider it boring and time-consuming, given that we often spend hours on the monotonous actions of washing dishes or doing laundry.

Keeping this in mind, LG Electronics (LG) provides cutting-edge home appliances with innovative features designed to provide maximum user convenience, allowing people to spend less time and effort on their household routine.

According to Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, LG Steam Washer & Dryer comes equipped with the True Balance Anti-Vibration System, minimizing noisy tub movement, along with Turbo Wash technology saving you 20 minutes on larger loads.

“When looking for the best washer and dryer, look for quiet models. These washers run quietly for a non-disruptive laundry experience, thanks to LG’s True Balance Anti-Vibration System. This anti-vibration technology keeps your LG unit running without taking over your life, allowing you to go about your day without disturbing noises or alarming vibrations. This enables you to place your washer and dryer anywhere in your home, including in frequently used living areas or bedrooms”.

LG Dryer features the Sensor Dry humidity sensor, which automatically optimises drying time and ensures that laundry is well dried the first time, allowing users to save time on drying and ironing clothes. Furthermore, the LG Clothes Dryer does not require any external venting outlets, making it suitable for use in any location, He said

What makes LG washing machines so great? From reducing allergens to keeping your clothes in good nick, there’s not much a high-performance LG washing machine can’t do. Today, we’re going to be answering some of your questions and looking at some of the fantastic ways LG washing machines save you time, energy and water. By the time you’ve finished this article, we hope you’ll have the facts you need to help you choose the best washing machine for your household.

  1. How does AI DD™ protect my clothes?
  2. LG’s AI DD™ technology provides an amazing 18% more fabric protection for your clothes. But how does it achieve this extraordinary feat? We understand that different fabrics require different handling, as some are tougher than others. That’s why our Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology detects not just the weight of your laundry, but the sensitivity of the fabric you’re washing. In other words, AI DD™ knows when you’re cleaning things that need gentler treatment, adjusting its wash patterns within the same wash cycle to get the perfect clean while also protecting your clothes and minimising wear and tear.

This clever technology has evolved from our 6 Motion Direct Drive, which builds on experience of clothes washing acquired over centuries. As a species, we’ve been washing clothes since time immemorial, and 6 Motion Direct Drive replicates manual hand washing with six unique motions: tumble, swing, filtration, rolling, scrub and stepping. AI DD™ adapts the optimal washing patterns out of these six motions each time you put a load in, doing all the thinking for you.


  1. How does TurboWash™360˚ save my time, energy, and water?
  2. LG’s TurboWash™360˚ gets your laundry done in record time – just 39 minutes! – saving you time, energy and water without compromising on washing performance. It sounds like a miracle, but it’s all thanks to our special 3D Multi Spray with Inverter Pump technology.

TurboWash™360˚ is an evolution of our famous LG TurboWash™, which uses a Jet Spray to get a half-load of laundry done in 59 minutes. TurboWash™360˚ shaves 20 minutes off that time, getting your laundry done in just 39 minutes using high-pressure sprays that wash and rinse your clothes more efficiently, using less water and therefore less energy.

The difference is down to our 3D Multi Spray, which uses four spray nozzles – three more than the one that already does a great job in TurboWash™. This allows it to shoot jets of water in four different directions at once, covering 360˚ reaching every inch of your laundry and filling the tub, fast – so wherever your clothes are in the drum, the water quickly finds and soaks them. Working alongside this is an Inverter Pump that intelligently controls the water stream between a powerful spray with a high angle and a soft spray with a low angle.

This powerful combination of technologies means the water and detergent reach your laundry faster, reducing washing time. Even better, this initial part of the cycle is the bit that uses the most energy, so by getting it done quickly and with less water, it’s much more energy-efficient.

  1. What does Steam do for my clothes?
  2. LG’s impressive Steam washing machine technology can remove up to 99.9% of allergens – such as dust mites and pollen – and reduce wrinkles by 30% for easy ironing. But how? Let’s start with Steam Allergy Care, which is a great option if you’re a hay fever sufferer, or if you have a baby and need to take extra care with allergens. When you select ‘Allergy Care’ cycle, the washing machine fills up under the tub with around four litres of water that it then heats to the optimum temperature of 75 degrees, creating steam. This spends around 20 minutes loosening up the fibres, thus dissolving any allergens before filling up the antibacterial stainless steel drum and washing away the allergens in the wash, rinse and spin cycles.

If you’re more concerned with reducing the amount of ironing you have to do after a wash, you’ll love the Steam Wrinkle Care feature. This works in a similar way to Steam Allergy Care, except that it produces the steam after completing the wash, rinse and spin cycles, taking around 30 minutes to reduce the wrinkles in your clothes using special drum movements. This means that any wrinkles created while the machine gets rid of the water simply disappear. Magic! Even better, you can activate Steam Winkle Care for six different wash programmes – Cotton, Cotton+, TurboWash39, Mixed Fabric, Easy Care and Silent Wash – simply by pressing the extra button.

Get Intelligent Fabric Care with LG Vivace Washer & Dryer

The LG Vivace Washer & Dryer features Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology, which detects the weight and softness of the fabric being washed or dried and automatically selects the optimised washing or drying pattern for each load to improve fabric protection while reducing cycle times and energy usage. Furthermore, the LG Vivace Washer & Dryer provides maximum hygiene thanks to the LG Steam™, which eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria such as dust mites, which can cause allergies or respiratory diseases. The LG Vivace Washer & Dryer is equipped with LG’s advanced low vibration technology, which creates more space inside the machine.


Latest Models to Buy  

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