Lifestyle Of Youth Determines Their Future – CPP General Secretary

The General secretary of the Convention People’s Party, Nana Yaa Jantua has said that the lifestyle of the youth will determine where they will be in the future.

According to her, most of the youth lack the fundermental core values of the society thus our culture, moral values where some parents don’t have enough time to train up their children the way the should live their live, due that the youth are been directed by social media which is not the best.

Addressing the media at World Youth Empowerment Congress in collaboration with Blue crest College with the theme “Youth in National Development”, Nana Yaa Jantua further indicated that the youth of today needs some kind of direction for them to be at where she is now today in a sense that some of them even don’t know what they are supposed to do with their live but if parents will get enough time for their children and mentor them very well, their future would be bright.

” Because of the economic hardship, parents normally wake up early in the morning, come back very late not having time to mentor the children compelling the kids to learn on the streets”

She therefore admonished that this is the time for conscious effort through civic education to advice the youth on how to carry themselves to be the better people in the future.

Nevertheless, there should be a gender equality both home and towards development of the nation so the men should play a key role in bringing up children as the women does. The strength and energy for promoting send your Girl child to school should also be applied to the boys and the perception of males only being leaders of this country, she’s hoping and praying that one day female would manage the affairs of the state.

In addition, Wilson Ofori Barry, founder and Leader of World Youth Empowerment Congress outlined how his team had been embarking on campus tour in tertiary and second cycle institutions to empower the youth towards national development.

Mr. Barry Ofori made it known that their organisation have been in existence for two years where they took their first conference at University of Ghana but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they were mostly organizing their programs online.

The responses from some dignitaries and student bodies made us believe that our efforts of carrying out this outreach with our theme is having positive impact in the society.

The CEO revealed that their main agenda is to enhance, quickened, direct and empower the youth to believe in themselves to be able to achieve their goals for the country to benefit from them in all sectors of the economy and the reason why their focus is on tertiary and second cycle institutions is that you will find them over there.

Notwithstanding, Mr Benard Osei Duah, CEO of Bod Mogul stated that the youth should apply what they have been taught in school very well to be able to do something for themselves for survival rather than waiting on the government to provide them with Job.

The General secretary for world Youth Empowerment Congress, Comfort Afriyie Barwuah also encouraged the youth to embrace whatever was been said at the event, take this opportunity to rekindle themselves for their own benefit and development of this country.

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