Live Beyond Reproach – Media Practitioners Challenged

The founder and General Overseer of the Int. Open Gate Chapel in Agona Swedru, Prophet Seth Aboagye has challenged media personnel to endeavour to give good account of their profession by reporting positive news that will help propagate the image of the country before the outside, rather than reporting negative news that turn to tarnish its image.

According to him, some media practitioners have resorted to only reporting what has come to be known as ‘’fake news’’ to serve their parochial interest, neglecting the core ethics of the journalism profession.

Prophet Aboagye who expressed this concern in an interview with this reporter noted that in most cases, such media practitioners allow high profile personalities in society to influence them to tarnish the hard-won image and reputation of others, hinting that pastors are the worse victims to these machinations.

Though he admitted that the media is to serve as the watchdog by exposing the ills in society, he however stated that the positive should always out way the negative to have a good impact on society.

From: Robert Ayanful—Ag. Swd.

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