Masters Soccer League will Unearth, Nurture and give Exposure to Talents – Michael S. J Agyekum

A new league for amateur players has been introduced by a group of two young men to support the initiative of President of the Ghana Football Association Mr Kurt E.S Okraku’s vision to bring back the Amateur Football league in the country.

Mr Okraku together with the Executive Council members of the Football Association pledged to revive Amateur Football.

Speaking to Mr Michael Selassie Judah Agyekum, Co-Founder of the Masters’ Soccer League, he commended the Ghana Football Association scribe for coming out with the laudable initiative.

“We have been able to assemble four teams namely; Union De Reyes, Thunder Wolves FC, Mighty Foxes and Predators FC for the starting and we are looking forward to getting more amateur players to come on board next season to help the vision and mission of the organization. Currently, we are struggling to foot the cost involved so we will appeal for support from individuals and cooperated bodies”.

“The league is been played on weekends because we get a full house in the weekend and the formality is like how the Ghana Premier League is played; Mr Michael Selassie Judah Agyekum added.

He furthermore added that the initiative will not only unearth and nurture talents but will rather keep the bio-data, creation of Curriculum Vitae(CV) for the players to be accessible to the agents, scouts and coaches in the future.

According to him, this will ease the pressure on the teams and Ghana Ghana Football Association.

About Masters Soccer League


The amateur football structure in the country is very poor as compared to other countries; the structure has not provided facilities to collect or store data of footballers, making it difficult for the promotion of talents.

Amateur footballers in the country lack exposure; they are not well-promoted and are barely watched by scouts. This makes talent go to waste and leave our society with many dreams shattered.

This has been a major problem in Ghana and Africa as a whole; hence, making our amateur players age in the system; their talent is wasted, leading to a lot of broken people on the street whose dreams all have faded away with no memories or achievement to look back on.


We are creating a league system in Ghana where footballers play in every two months interval, it will be a one leg system, and this league would be divided into categories (non-registered side, reserve side of clubs/academies, high schools, colleges among others).

We will have a camera/graphic/technical/team who would make all statistics of matches, player profile, full video coverage, match highlights, player analysis (bio-data) of all the players in the event available.

Living in digital age has taught us to be creative in adapting digital means to solving problems. As a result, Master Soccer League will adopt digital means of storing player’s data, regulations, league results, statistics, and team news each week
We will also employ the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, YouTube.

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