Women Caucus In Parliament Urges Women To Actively Participate In The Fight Against COVID-19

The Leader of the Women’s Caucus in Parliament and Deputy Majority Whip, Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassan has made the passionate call on all women in the country to actively participate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

She made the call on behalf of her colleagues in Parliament in commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

In a Statement she issued, Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassan said their call was backed with evidence suggesting that, in parts of the world where women have shown decisive leadership, significant headway have been made towards overcoming the pandemic.

She emphasised that the theme of the occasion, “Choose to Challenge,” provides a perfect opportunity for women to ponder over the roles that women have played in solving some of the daunting problems of the world in the past and reflect upon the roles they can play in overcoming the number one problem in this era which is the COVID 19 pandemic.

The female MPs however celebrated the day by wearing the same cloth in line with the Ghanaian culture of camaraderie and sisterhood.

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