Movie Fans Weep As Bishop Plays Accident Victim In ‘THE BOX’

Bishop Bernard Nyarko surrounded by nurses

Hundreds of movie fans could not bear to see Bishop Bernard Nyarko on a stretcher being pulled into a hospital ward.

Tears flowed as fans trooped to a private hospital in Takoradi where the movie “THE BOX” was being cast to take a glimpse of Bishop who was put on a stretcher after a gruesome accident and being assisted through the OPD into a ward for treatment.

Patients were miraculously healed as they walked out of their sick beds to see Bishop on accident and emergency ward bed 2 when he was pushed in with two nurses into ward.

Interestingly, patients on admission at the hospital all stood up on their feet, rushed out of their respective wards and in tears to express their condolences to Bishop thinking it was a real accident situation.

Bishop Bernard Nyarko himself was in a shock at the whole incident as top hospital staff, including doctors and nurses were all over him initially trying to save his life.

Film director McLord Ice of the AWAKEN fame and his PM and crew were unable to control fans and sympathizers.

It took them close to an hour to explain to the gathering that it was a movie hence they have to break production.

What worsens the situation was when Bishop burst into tears seeing his fans showing such love.



The Box is a beautiful narrative about a rich man (Bishop) who lost wife and had to take care of his three children.

He gave them the best of education to become successful in life.

Somewhere in his life, things begin to turn out sour as his riches begin to fade.

His children have to leave him and struggle elsewhere.

However his househelp led him to Christ in such trying times, giving him the hope that all is not lost with him giving his whole life to Christ.

Meanwhile he decided to prepare his will which he kept in a box together with his remaining savings.

The three children then have the responsibility to search for The Box and discover what is hidden in it.

Prepare to watch the this thriller as the suspense unfolds.


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