MPS Continue To Apply GPHA Regulated Tariffs At New Port

Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Port Services, Mohammed Samara

The Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Port Services, Mohammed Samara, has disclosed that Meridian Port Services will not be applying its own tariffs at the new port expansion sites when operations begin there.


According to him, MPS tariffs will remain regulated by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and under no circumstance will that practice be ignored.


“The MPS tariff and the Port tariff, as a matter of fact are regulated. MPS applies the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority’s tariffs on its operations and never diverted or gone out of the way to apply something new and we have no intention to reinvent a tariff for this. It would be the published tariff by Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority which is regulated by the Authority under its own board,” he disclosed.


He added that, GPHA being shareholders in the Port Facility, MPS’ general operations would be supervised and regulated by the Port Authority to ensure that Ghana benefits from the facility.


The CEO of MPS was making these revelations at a media engagement to update the media on progress of work at the magnificent port expansion site.


He told pressmen that with the creation of the deep water berths, the world’s biggest vessels would be able to ply their trade in Ghana thereby reducing their travel time to other ports of call.


“On the marine side, we have dredged the channel to 18metres to allow for vessels coming with 16metres draft. 16metres draft is the biggest requirement for the biggest container vessels that is floating around this world,” he stated.


Mohammed Samara said the Port expansion is an investment into a highly sustainable and integrated infrastructural development that will promote the Government’s vision of creating a highly industrialized economy through its one district, one factory project.


He stated that, the first phase of the new magnificent terminal would be ready for delivery by June 2019.


“In June 2019, the construction will complete a section of Phase 1 and then we will go live with that section on two berths”.


Emmanuel Ohene Addo, Project Operations Manager of MPS explained that the paperless clearance process has boosted the efficiency of MPS operations and that technology is at the helm of MPS’ development.


“The main purpose of our efforts to make ports paperless was to make things easier for our clients and also make our staff have the right tools to work with to give the best of services to our clients,” he said.

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