Muslim Communities Must Embrace The COVID-19 Vaccine – Alhaji Arafat

The Chief Executive Officer for Zongo Development Fund, Alhaji Arafat Sulemana made this statement in one of his working visits to the Ahafo Region. He made it clear that the vaccine is one of the ways of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. He therefore urged the Muslims who were present at the occasion not to hesitate in taking their jabs of the Covid-19 vaccine when the time of vaccination is due in the Ahafo Region.

Alhaji Sulemana used the opportunity as a voluminous conduit in an interview with Francis Agyapong Nimpong and urged each and everyone to ignore the conspiracy theories people have been peddling about the vaccine.

“Islam is not against the vaccine that is why the National Chief Imam, Vice president of the Republic and other staunch Muslims have taken their jabs of the vaccine. President Akufo-Addo is much concern about the Islamic communities in the country that is why he has set up the Zongo Development Fund, which is geared towards progress at all the Zongos. Providing proper housing, good layout,  modern place of convenience, portable drinking water etc”. Alhaji Sulemana stated.

The Ahafo Regional Chief Imam,  Alhaji Abdullaih Jihad Yussif welcomed the Chief Executive Officer of Zongo Development Fund and his entourage in a congenial ambience during the Juma prayers. He expressed an unstinting appreciation to them for the education on the vaccination of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ahafo Regional Chief Imam furthermore, advised the general public not to politicise the vaccination because, death does not know any political colour therefore,  it is very essential for everyone, whether Muslim or Christian to get vaccinated.

The Nasara Coordinator for the NPP in the Ahafo Region, Ahmed Mohammed gave a firm assurance that he will liaise with his team and other political parties particularly,  the NDC so that they can embark on a mass education about the vaccine as the CEO of Zongo Development Fund has set the pace.

Source: Francis Agyapong Nimpong

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