What Does A Cup Of Hatred Cost?

Genesis 37:4-5
Matthew 27:33-34
Luke 23:34
Ezekiel 43:24
I never knew it was that costly. I wanted to know the cost of hatred so i decided to go to a shop where they sell hatred. As i entered, the sales man rushed to ask what i wanted because many things were sold in the shop; love, friendship, understanding, forgiveness etc. But I wanted to buy a cup of hatred. So i asked how much for a cup and he smiled and asked if i could afford it. I asked “how much for a cup?.” The man then took a deep breath and said,
1. You will be deeply bitter whenever you set your eyes on the person you hate.
2. It will take away all your inner peace
3. Your heart will be troubled and burned out whenever you set your eyes on the person.
4 You will become so weak and tired of seeing the person
5. Where others are busily planning their future you will be busy trying to pull the person down.
6. Whenever he or she is enjoying you will be troubled.
7. The Spirit of God will leave you and you will become the temple of devil where demons live.
8. You will begin to have different health issues as long as the person is still alive like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, liver disease and kidney disease.
9. The very day you will drink from the cup of hatred, bitterness, grudge, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy and envy will take over your life. The salesman asked again, “do you still want it?” But remember, prayers cannot help much because you have disobeyed the natural and supernatural laws therefore you will die before your time. “Can i bring it?” What will you say if you were with me in the shop? This is an exoteric presentation.

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