NDC USA Congratulates H.E John Mahama

The USA Branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wishes to congratulate the former President His Excellency John Dramani Mahama for his resounding victory in the party’s Presidential primary held on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

We are much pleased with the outcome of the results and we wish to state that his 95.24% of votes is remarkable and is an indication of the desire people have to get him back as the President of Ghana.
It tells us how enthused the grassroots are and voting for him in that overwhelming manner shows how committed the people are to John Mahana’s vision.

We also wish to commend HE John Mahama for outing in much efforts to reach this far, he wasn’t complement by the praises people were raining on him but he decided to work hard and achieve the votes.

We in the Diaspora are also pledging our unflinching support to HE John Mahama towards ensuring that we wins back power in 2020.

We have seen his victory at the primaries as the victory for the party and we are going to make all resources available at our disposal ready to help him campaign and win.

We will be embarking on serious and extensive fund raising drive to raise money for all our activities towards the 2020 elections.

We the USA Branch of the party will not sit and allow our counterparts in Ghana to bear the burden of raising the needed funds for the party’s activities. We will also ensure that we add to whatever they have to make things work.
We will put so much efforts into this campaign because our focus is to reclaim power.

We re ready to win back power and the NDC Ghana should be rest assured that NDC USA will not be left out in all efforts to make sure John Mahama returns to the Flagstaff House.


With barely a year into the 2020 general elections, the issue of voting and ROPA is emerging.
However the NDC USA position on ROPA is none different from the views held by many Ghanaians.

We are in support of ROPA and we want every single Ghanaian outside Ghana to exercise his or her right to vote, we want them to take part in the political discourse.

However we will not allow the NPP and the Electoral Commission to connived in selecting some countries for ROPA whilst leaving the others on the excuse of logistical constraints.

What the Court said was for government or the EC to allow every Ghanaian to vote and for that matter we expect that this will be adhered to.
It came to our attention that the NPP will be working with the EC to be selective of countries that will take part in the ROPA which we in the NDC will not allow.

It is our firm position that if ROPA, it should be extended to all countries.
We are not scared of anything but ROPA for all Ghanaians apart from that we should wit until we have the logistics that will carry us through ROPA.

Ebenezer Ofori Anim
Deputy Secretary, NDC-USA

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