NDC Youth Group Raises Red Flags Against Vinyo’s Divisive Campaign Strategy

The Concerned Youth of the Greater Accra Region of National Democratic Congress (NDC) have registered their displeasure over what they described as “destructive, divisive campaign method”, by one of the hopefuls in the Greater Accra Vice Chairmanship race, Mr William Vinyo.

The group in a press statement signed and issued by its leader, Philip Akweh indicated that William Vinyo is destroying the party with his crude campaign method.

According to Philip Akweh, the group expects a clean campaign devoid of divisive campaign method, insults, attacks and name calling, and called on Vinyo to discontinue his hate campaign against other candidates.

Recounting some incidents that occurred during the party’s constituency elections which Vinyo was believed to have gone and created problems between two aspirants contesting for the same position, resulting in a serious fight amongst the candidates.

Philip Akweh noted that “Another aspirant in Vinyo’s camp goes to the help of the aggrieved candidate, he helps him financially to go through the election, whiles he Vinyo goes to help the other party too through same means.”

“When the election are over any candidate who wins, is persuaded by his newly found boss to support the other. In other words if aggrieved candidate wins, the man who helped him tells him to help Vinyo because Vinyo is his man,” he added.

He also enumerated that all these incidents took place without the knowledge of the fighting aspirants and this created deep division, rancour and bitterness amongst the people in that constituency.

The Concerned Youth of the Greater Accra Region of the NDC believes those are the evil plots contrived at the just ended constituency elections, whilst Vinyl and his cohorts are planning to do same ahead of the regional conference.

The group avers that, the attitude and campaign method of Mr William Vinyo is not only creating problems but destroying the party beyond irreparable limit, stressing that he tribal cards being played by Vinyo who goes about telling delegates to vote for ewes who have migrated to Accra is unacceptable.

“That strategy will not see the light because Accra is a Ga Land going by that crude way of campaigning will certainly backfire big time,” the group stated.

The group however warned Vinyo who they described as landguard to desist from such evil schemes, saying “It is demonic, it is evil, it is backward and destructive to the forward march of the party and its internal cohesion.”

They also averred that Vinyo is famous for his dubious, unlawful and illegal use of authority as development chief in Oboum Domeabra, to take people lands.

“We know how Vinyo frustrated Sophia Akuoko for more than 1 year, took her to court and all that. When party bigwigs came in to solve the issue, he didn’t listen and continued with the court case. In all this the party was in the news for all the bad reasons,” they alleged.

For them, Vinyo is unfit for the first Vice Chairman position of the NDC in the Greater Accra Region saying, “How is he going to settle a problem if he has a problem with any member of the party? To go to court? How is he going to settle dispute amongst party members? Does he have the moral right to do so even? You see in all this, people are silent yet he goes about insulting, engaging in dirty campaign, name calling, playing the tribal cards etc.”

The Concerned NDC Youth in Greater Accra however wished all the aspirants the best of luck in tomorrow’s conference.


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