Nomination Forms Released For Other Aspirants To Contest Upper West Akim NPP Primary

Finaly, the Upper West Akim Constituency office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has released nomination forms to prospective aspirants who have also expressed interest in contesting the party’s parliamentary primary in Upper West Akim.

Initially, it was believed that plans were hatched by the Jeff Konadu Addo -Eastern Regional Chairman and Nana Adai Obuobi-Upper West Akim constituency Chairman, not to allow anybody to contest the sitting MP, sitting MP, Hon. Frederick Obeng Adom, hence the party constituency office was locked on the day they were to pick forms.

However, information gathered is that the constituency party leadership have released nomination forms to Eric Kwesi Danquah.

According to information, the nomination forms were handed over to him yesterday after constant media publications.

This has put to an end, their plans to coerce the people into accepting the sitting MP to go unopposed.

That had been their plan for the past two months until the National Leadership of the party allegedly cancelled the decision to allow Frederick Obeng Adom to go unopposed.

However, people including delegates have begun to ask questions as to why the Regional and Constituency Chairmen of the party are bent on seeing their plot through.

The two Chairmen, Jeff Konadu Addo -Eastern Regional Chairman and Nana Adai Obuobi-Upper West Akim constituency Chairman, are believed to have met to discuss possible means by which they can help the current MP contest the primaries without going through any contest.
But, some Polling Station executives who got wind of this plan kicked against it and made it clear that should that happens, the New Patriotic Party is heading for doom, hence they called on the National leadership to allow all who pick forms to contest, are allowed to contest without disqualification and whoever is elected will be given all the support towards winning the 2024 election.

They were of the view that the MP, Hon. Frederick Obeng Adom has lost his relevance in the constituency and for that matter, forcing him on the people would not help the party.

Hon. Eugene Kwabena Sackey took to their platform and dropped a voice message by the instruction of the Eastern Regional Chairman, asking them not to allow anybody to contest Hon. Frederick Obeng Adom.

This information, the DCE claimed was received from the Regional Chairman, who also claimed he had the instruction from the National Leadership not to allow a contest.

Meanwhile, they averred that they are ready to vote against the party should the two chairmen go ahead with their ill intention and coerce the party members in the constituency to agree on making Hon. Frederick Obeng Adom an unopposed candidate for 2024.

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