On Christmas Day, Hon. John Agyare Launches Candidacy with Strong Party Support

In a significant display of unity and endorsement, Hon. John Agyare, the current Municipal Chief Executive of Ahanta, officially submitted his nomination forms today, positioning himself as the parliamentary candidate for the Ahanta West Constituency. The event garnered substantial attendance from party delegates and well-wishers, who voiced their support.

Standing prominently beside numerous supporters, Mr. Yusif Waah, an influential delegate in the constituency, showcased enthusiastic backing for Hon. Agyare’s candidacy. This fervent support comes on the heels of recent actions by members of Hon. Agyare’s campaign team, led by Mr. Bright Agropah, who collected the nomination forms on his behalf last Thursday, December 21, 2023.

A pivotal moment unfolded as Hon. John Agyare was received by key figures, including the Constituency Chairman, Mr. Nketsia-Kofie; the Chairperson of the Council of Elders and former Member of Parliament, Hon. Samuel Johnfiah; constituency Secretary, Mr. Rudolf Cobbinah; and the constituency Research Officer, Mr. Vincent Essien. Following the submission of the nomination forms, Mr. Nketsia-Kofie, the Constituency Chairman of the party, advised Hon. Agyare and his team to adhere to the party’s election rules—a sentiment echoed by Hon. John Agyare, who pledged a campaign centered on policies and ideas.

Hon. Samuel Johnfiah, a three-term Member of Parliament, extended congratulations to Hon. John Agyare for his resolute decision to contest and the overwhelming support garnered, even during the filing of nomination. Recognizing the filing of nomination as the second stage of the process, he wished Hon. Agyare success ahead of the vetting. In response, Hon. John Agyare expressed gratitude to the leadership that received him and urged the executives to guide other aspirants in conducting a fair and ethical campaign. He further implored the executives to uphold transparency, fairness, and truthfulness in dealings with all aspirants.

Addressing the media, Hon. John Agyare underscored his extensive history of service within the party, emphasizing his grassroots connection and detailing past roles as an Election Agent, Election Agent Trainer, Electoral Area Coordinator, Second Vice Chairman, and Coordinator for Election 2020. Emphasizing his commitment, he conveyed understanding and empathy for the constituents, having experienced their challenges firsthand.

Unapologetically, Hon. John Agyare emphasized that the party needs a candidate capable of securing victory, not merely participating in the forthcoming 2024 elections. Stressing the importance of appealing to floating voters, in addition to party members, he expressed confidence in winning the support of this crucial demographic. He positioned himself as the most experienced aspirant, citing his capacity building and experience gained, particularly in light of the current Member of Parliament’s unfortunate predicament.

Mr. Yusif Waah, an influential delegate in the constituency, further highlighted that Hon. Agyare facilitates the campaign’s smooth progress. He emphasized Hon. Agyare’s ability to secure votes from floating voters and even some opponents. As Hon. Agyare focuses on replacing Hon. Ebenezer Kojo Kum, Esq., he emerges as a formidable contender, enjoying widespread favor in the upcoming election.

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