Pastors Must Apply Wisdom In Giving Prophesies – Effah Hills

President of Effah Hills Ministry Ghana, Effah Hills has called on christian leaders to apply wisdom when giving out prophecies.

He said God’s vision is not to destabilise his people but rather to bring peace to the nation.

According to him, men of God who always give doom prophesies are not doing the nation any good.

Effah Hills added that all these prophecies from such false men of God are nothing but lies and deception.

His admonition followed a declaration of prophecies made by some men of God during last year’s December 31, christian watch night service held nationwide to end the year and ursher in the new year.

He urged all christian bodies to assist in bringing sanity into the work of God with strict measures to check such men of God.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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