Weija-Gbawe Seat Hot… As Greenwich Properties CEO Picks Forms To Contest

Fred Quainoo taking the forms

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Greenwich Properties Limited, an estates developing company, Fred Quainoo has pick nomination forms to contest for the Weija Gbawe Constituency seat on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Fred Quainoo is also a member of the Finance Committee of the party in the Constituency, said he has decided to join the race for the candidacy of the Weija-Gbawe constituency to lead a United front towards the 2020 election.

Speaking in an interview soon after picking his nomination forms, he averred that the party is deficient in unity in the Weija-Gbawe constituency and for that matter, requires persons who are willing to bridge the divide and bring all on board so as to achieve a common goal; victory 2020.

He also said leadership has too much been concentrated at the top which makes it difficult for people at the grassroots, especially the delegates who voted leaders to such positions, to have a day and play a role in decision making process which will affect their lives.

According to him, his team has taken cognizance of that fact and have mapped out strategies to ensure that delegates themselves become part of the  decision making process in the constituency.

Fred Quainoo also indicated that the welfare of the constituents is Paramount on his agenda and that nobody will be left behind.

The Weija-Gbawe constituency has an incumbent Member of Parliament, Gifty Naa Ayele Mensah who has also picked forms to contest the primaries; seeking to be retained as the MP for the next four years.

However, Fred Quainoo who was not moved by the decision of the incumbent MP to contest the primaries, said the delegates and the constituents deserve a change.

“The people now have a choice to make. Indeed, we have an incumbent MP but the people need me this time round to make a change, a change that they haven’t seen over the years under her leadership. I am joining the race as a unifier who will bring all on board; I can confidently say that things are not so smooth in the constituency. The internal wranglings are just too much, and it is time we all come together to work towards victory,” he said.

He maintained that the incumbent MP failed to unite the party at the constituency level, hence the party faces danger as the elections approaches but “I will offer that leadership and build a United front for victory,” he assured.

Fred Quainoo urged delegates to make the right choice during the primaries since the choice they will make regarding the candidate for Weija-Gbawe constituency will go a long way to either ensure victory for the party in the elections of lead to it’s defeat.

He also said their choice will determine how well their welfare issues are addressed, how well the development of the constituency is established and how well the party in general and NPP government in particular transforms the lives of the people.

Meanwhile, aspirants have till February 20, 2020 to complete and submit their forms and pay GHC 50,000 in Banker’s Draft to the elections committee of the party.



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