Port Health Seek Stakeholder Support In Prevention, Detection And Management Of Health Risks At Ports

The Port Health, a unit within the Ghana Health Service has engaged key stakeholders of the sea port industry to solicit for support in delivering their mandate in prevention, detection and management of health risks and hazards at the ports of Ghana. 

The Director General of Ghana Health Services, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare said Global threat of infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies continue to be a major challenge to Ghana’s health and global health security.

“Global health security is very high on the agenda of the World Health Organisation. Today, infectious disease outbreak constitutes a major public health concern. Approximately about 15 million deaths occur annually worldwide which results directly from infections and this constitute about 25% of deaths in the world,” he reported.

He said the Port Health is doing its best to prevent, early detect, control and respond to international spread of infectious diseases without impeding trade and traffic and called for the support of all agencies to achieve such target.

“So we have to be very careful especially all our points of entry. That’s the reason the Ghana Health Service we are very serious with port health. That is why we have continuously been strengthening port health activities all over the years. We need to work hard and assiduously and address all the gaps that have been identified. A lot of gaps were identified and one of them is to be interacting with stakeholders and bring them on board,” Dr. Nsiah-Asare advised.

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority pledged commitment to support the Port health to achieve its mandate.

The Port Health Coordinator, Dr. Michael Adjabeng schooled stakeholders on food safety.

“Gladly charting or documenting the items, we cleared 200 cars etc… Unfortunately, you didn’t add we also cleared 300 viruses because you didn’t see it and they are part of the mix. Our goods that are coming in keep increasing, we should also strengthen our health security,” he admonished.

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