TEMA Fishing Harbour Traders Sensitised On Fire Prevention And Good Housekeeping Practices

The Tema Port Fire and Safety department has held a three-day sensitisation program at the Tema Fishing Harbour to educate food venders and Fish mongers on good housekeeping and fire prevention processes.

The fishing harbour forms part of the Tema Port enclave and that any fire outbreak could have dire consequence on the Port, hence, the need for the constant safety engagements with those who ply their business there.

The fish mongers were educated on good housekeeping and the need for them to re-arrange their belongings in a manner that wouldn’t spark fire at the Fishing Harbour.

The General Manager for Tema Fishing Harbour, Kumi-Adjei Sam said management is leaving no stone unturned in order to ensure that the fishing harbour becomes a secured and safe place for those who ply their trade there.

“The dangers are there and therefore it’s something that we will continue to do periodically on quarterly basis. This is about the third time during this week that they have done that. We will be sending it to other places also to educate them until we see that almost everybody that comes here has some knowledge about how to keep their home safe,” he expressed.

The members of the Tema Fish mongers and Smokers’ Association expressed appreciation to management of GPHA and the Fire and Safety department for the education.

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