Prince Gumah pronounces selfless Youth Empowerment as the next NPP Youth Organizer

A Youth Organizer aspirant of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Prince-Kamal Gumah, has pronounced that he will embark on a selfless ready-to-serve grassroots politics if the evergreen and good old Elephant family gives him the chance as the next NPP Youth Organizer.

In an interview with the press, he traced his political roots and promised to deliver nothing apart from what the NPP grassroots demand. “I’m going to run for the National Youth Organizer of our great Party NPP coming 2022, my over 20-years experience of politics make me stand tall to best serve our great party Youth.

An aspiring National Youth Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Prince Kamal Gumah, promised to work towards the creation of welfare programmes for the party’s youth organisers and Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) executive members. He also promised use his position to secure scholarship for the youth when he win come election.

He intends to do this by committing efforts to establish national and regional youth secretariats across the country to ensure youth participation and inclusiveness.

“I will facilitate the construction of a permanent National Youth Secretariat, a model Regional Youth Secretariats across the 16 regions, and set up a national call centre at the National Secretariat of the youth wing for collating direct information and feedback,” he said.

Addressing a press conference in Accra to announce his position on the ballot paper, Mr Kamal Gumah assured the delegates he would strengthen the party’s youth wing by appointing officers to be in charge of the National Secretariat and Regional Welfare Offices for effective operation.

He further assured that, if given the nod, he would institute measures to empower TESCON and other youth volunteer groups to make them more vibrant for recruitment, training and capacity building as well as creating job for Ghanaian Youth.

“I will advocate and lobby for the youth organiser representation on the decentralized system for the benefit of registered party youth. This will be done with the main focus of championing the party’s ‘breaking the eight’ agenda,’ he pointed.

This according to him, he will ensure budgetary allocation for regional and constituency youth wing programmes and activities, profile all youth organisers and deputies as priority persons for opportunities as well as ensure that jobs go directly to the constituency youth organisers for the benefit of registered youth and youth groups at the grassroots’ level.

The NPP national youth organiser hopeful pointed out that the NPP government had created over 2.2 million jobs for Ghanaians in the last six years in office, saying “NPP is the winning team and, undoubtedly, I am confident we would break the eight years’ governance cycle in the country”. My campaign message is centred on opportunities and resources, training and capacity building and welfare of youth with the agenda to ‘re-energise’ the party to break the eight-year.”

Prince Kamal Gumah address, he urged all Delegates to vote wisely not the interest of some big man else where but to think about themselves first before anyone.

“My message to the delegates is that please, you are going to be getting calls go and vote for him. He is my boy. Go and vote for him. He’s coming from this office. My brothers and sisters, we are in this mess because we are voting people because there are a certain set of interests. They never ask for your interest.”

He stressed that “this 2022 election is about your interest. When that phone come from the big man go and vote for him, He is my boy or because he is coming from this office then you ask them what about my interest? What has your boy done to the youth? What’s the process of dispatch? And they will not have any answers.”

“When you go into the boot, just think about who is capable of helping you have impact to your life in this six years of government. Think about yourself, about your family the sacrifice for you to go out and campaign. Don’t think about their interest.”

“When you thought of those things in your head in the box, you will find out a place Kamal Gumah is the only person that deserve your vote. Because he is there for you. He is there for the grassroots and he will always be there for the grassroots of this party. Prince Kamal Gumah, number (3) in the ballot paper is the only person that can stand on the interest of the youth of the grassroot of the NPP.”

According to the Youth Organizer aspirant of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP, prince Kamal Gumah, the Party requires a youth leader of his experience and calibre to lead it to victory in the 2024 election and beyond,” he said.

Prince Kamal Gumah is a businessman and currently the deputy Youth Organizer of the NPP USA Extended Branch and seeking to bring his youthful and rich political experiences to support the party to win the 2024 elections and beyond.

Report By Bernard K DADZIE

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