Produce Your Land Documents Lawyers Write To Borteyman Residents

Lawyer Oliver Atsu Abada of Abada & Co. Chambers acting as lawyers of the Nungua Stool and under the instructions of the Stool’s lawful attorney Mr. Frank Lewi has written to some residents of Borteyman to demand for their land documents.

The residents who have been served letters are to report or present their documents to the Nungua Mantse Palace for inspection within 21 days of receipt of letter between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm each day.

According to the Chamber’s statement, the letters were hand-delivered which suggest that any person who receives the letter and yet chooses not to respond to the invitation within the specified 21 days window of opportunity would have been deemed to have shown gross disrespect to the Nungua Stool and would therefore forfeit his or her land subject to the proper procedure.

They are by this statement indicating that grants of land at Nungua are made for and on behalf of “the Stool’s accredited signatories and therefore should your document not disclose same as emanating from the lawful authority then your grant is null and void”.

It also cautioned saying; “we are not unaware that the signatures and the signatories notoriously forged and it is for these reasons that we require these documents for verification”

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