Properties Of TDC Under Attack By Workers

The Tema Development Cooperation(TDC) will soon go into crisis if care and measures are not taking.

Some residents in tema are accusing two staff members of the Tema Development Cooperation of trading the company’s properties.

Mr. Emmanuel K. Darkeh and Nana Kwame Affram who happens to be the suspected individuals are said to be selling company properties with forging documents to people for money.

Many are wondering how much salary he earns in a month following the rapid acquisition of major properties.

Darkeh, the Director Of Development of the TDC now owns three storey buildings at community 12.

His colleague Nana Kwame Affram the Building Inspector/Supervisor at The Tema Development Cooperation is also a young guy who owns five self contain storey buildings and is now selling one of the buildings at community 7.

He also drives almost all the luxurious cars lately such as Range Rover,Mercedes-Benz,Land Rover,Toyota V-8.

The issue still remains a big worry for the stakeholders of the company as the suspected culprits are yet to be brought to book.

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