The Queen Mother of Gomoa Benso and Prseident of the Gomoa Aboso, Benso Ekroful Akropong {ABEA} Nananom Council, Nana Aduokua II has called on benevolent members in society to support the welbeing of the aged to make them feel part of the society, irrespective of their condition.

She bemoaned the situation where the aged are always branded as witches and wizards by some members of the society because of their situation, saying that turns to worsen their plight.

Nana Aduakua, who is also the founder of Old Age Foundation, a local Non-Governmental Organization that seek the welfare of the aged in the area noted that as part of her effort to ensure that the aged are well catered for, she ocassionally mobilize and organize mini dinner for them and also give them some items such as pieces of clothes just to make them not to feel rejected by society.

She however express gratitude to individuals who have supported her initiative by donating items during such occasions for the over two hundred aged, mostly widows and widowers.

She warned members of society to stop branding the aged as witches, as they will also grow up to become like them one day.
Nana Aduokua later commended the Chief of Gomoa Benso, Nana Takyi Wiabo V for single-handedly undertaking major developmental projects in the Goma Benso township and its ernviorns.

She mentioned the construction of access roads from Benso to Ekroful, the provision and fixing of streets lights from Benso to Akropong and the registration of all the indigenes of the Benso townwship on the National Health Insurance Scheme.

By Robert Ayanful

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