Top brass of the various security services have been urged not to entertain the so-called “protocol list” often submitted by politicians during recruitment as a means of offering their “boys” job opportunities.

The minister of the Damascus Christian Church Int. Apostle Paul Gyasi Acheampong who gave the advice in Agona Swedru said the practice turns to affect the performance of the security services, as such people, in most cases do not have passion for the work, despite the fact that they go through all the training rudiments.

He said as required by the services code of professional ethics, only those who are committed and dedicated to the work and who apply should be recruited into the service.

According to the clergyman, to be able to save the sinking image of the security services, the top hierarchy of the various security services should stand their grounds against this demand and request by politicians.

He reiterated that majority of such people are thugs with criminal and violent records and they turn to exhibit such character and conducts after they have been recruited into the security services by engaging in armed robbery and other violent acts.

He further urged the security services, especially the police to up their game in combating the recent killings in the country.

He stressed that these happenings are indication that the country is sitting on a time bomb if nothing is done to stem the tide.

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