Reports That World Bank (WB) Paints Gloomy Picture Of Ghana’s Educational System Is Fake

The World Bank has not released any report of Ghana’s Human Capital this year.

Checks from the Wold Bank Ghana Office have revealed that the last time report on Ghana’s education was put out was in 2018.

It is therefore wrong for any media outlet to suggest that the World Bank has come out with a report on education recently.

The fake report was lifted from a graphic online reportage that was posted in 2018.

Shockingly, the media houses engaging in diabolical acts did not find it necessary to credit graphic online for obvious reasons.
Sources at the Ghana office of the World Bank have expressed surprise at the fake report.

The sources say that it was difficult to understand the motives of those spreading the false news.

According to the sources, while the World Bank would continue to engage the government on various sectors of the economy, it will not be of any grand scheme to denigrate any sector of the Ghanaian economy.

The sources was emphatic that no report on Ghana’s education has been made public this year.

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