REVIEW LAW ON ALIMONY – Islamic scholar

An Islamic scholar and Chief Executive of Wiase Mu Nsem Dooso Spiritual and Herbal Center, Mallam Abdul Ganiu has called for a second look at the law on alimony, saying it is discriminatory against me and women are now capitalizing on it to acquire properties that they have not worked for.

The law, which seeks to compensate women in instances of divorce seemed to have empowered women so much, rendering men who have acquired their own property helpless in instances of divorce.

It is a common fact that majority of women nowadays have capitalized on this law to demand half a portion of whatever property the husband has acquired in instances of divorce, without recourse to the contribution of the woman, putting the man in a state of psychological and emotional trauma, a situation which some men have fallen victims to.

This law, according to Mallam Abdul Ganiu, has given women so much impetus over men, as the majority of them now go into marriage because of the man’s wealth. He contended that in instances of divorce, due diligence must be done and when the woman is found to be at fault, she should equally be made to compensate the man as well.

He said when that happens, it deters other women to take undue advantage of the law.

By Robert Ayanful

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