Youth delinquency and wayward children have been one of the major problems facing the country, and efforts are being made from all quarters to help address the problem.

In his bid to find a lasting solution to the problem in his area, the aspiring Assembly member for Agona Asafo Electoral Area in the Agona East Constituency of the Central Region, Ishmael Odoom has promised to ensure that every child of school-going age is put in school, and those above that age are put in a vocational skill training.

Though not voted into office yet, Ishmael Odoom who is popularly known as Obiaa Bedidi is said to have provided school uniforms and learning materials such as exercise books, pens, pencils and school bags to destitute students in the area, according to the town folks.

These children are said to be orphans and from deprived homes. Speaking to, the aspiring Assembly member, Ishmael Odoom stated that as a youth, his heart bleeds when he sees children in their prime going wayward, and he, therefore, sees it as a responsibility to help such children, hence his decision to use the Assembly as a stepping stone to seek a future for such children in his area.

Though he commended his predecessors for doing a yeoman’s job in the area of development, he stressed that his focus will be on education and development of the youth, as they will hold the mantle of the future generation.


By Robert Ayanful

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