Season Greetings!!!

On behalf of the Chapter Executives, I would like to wish the entire membership of the NDC USA a very Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy Victorious New Year.

This year has been one of a kind, I therefore just want to take a moment to reflect on how far the Lord has brought us.

The birth of Christ, being celebrated all over the world as Christmas is a constant remainder of a full life circle of the birth of hope, the struggles of growth and death of dreams and aspirations.

We all began the 2023 full of the hope of what will become of our lives and party. We’ve lived through this year, dealing with all the struggles that confronted us.
We held our chapter elections in December of 2022, where the chapter members in good standing that were present in Houston, TX, exercised their franchise and elected and / or reelected our chapter executives.

We began the year full of vigor and motivated to chat a new path of progress and to do all that we can to unite the chapter and enhance our both capital and human resources to help elect the NDC to rescue Ghana from the ruins of the NPP Government, which over the last 6 years in government, without much to show for the unprecedented loans borrowed during their term in office.
A super incompetent and the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana.

In 2023, we’ve made some significant strides, appointed some new executives, formed various committees, expanded our council of elders and many others.
We together for the first time in the history of NDC USA, brought the Former President and current flag bearer of the NDC H. E John Dramani Mahama, the Gen Secretary, Hon. Fiifi Kwatey the Director of IRD, Hon Alex Segbefia and many other National Executives and leaders of our party to the shores of USA to raise funds for election 2024.
The fundraising was overwhelmingly successful, and in a couple of weeks (after the Holidays), the Treasurer will render the final account to members as he has done with the Chapter Executives.

I need not remind you that 2024 is a very crucial year, general election in Ghana, much is at stake, Ghana our Mother land is in crisis, the propositions never seen or experienced in the history of our country, the county yarns for the return of the NDC led by President Mahama back to power to rescue our nation, but much more needs to be done to ensure the NDC’s victory at the polls.
Every one of ushase a role to play, be it your donations, volunteering as polling agent or calling a few friends and or relatives to register and vote for our party is very pivotal. We need every one to play their best in ensuring a total victory of the NDC in the general elections next year.

We all remember the outcome of elections 2020, when majority of the citizens of Ghana voted to elect President Mahama and majority of the NDC Parliamentarians into office, only for Jean Mensah’s EC to condone and connive with the NPP to steal the elections for them. The results of such action plague our dear country into an untold hardship, massive corruption, over borrowing government, with not much to show for it, except for lining the pockets and bank accounts of their friends and families, whist the rest of the majority of the citizens of Ghana is subjected to untold misery.

Let’s close our ranks and unite under the banner of our NDC umbrella and do all that we can to help elect President Mahama and the NDC back into power in 2024.
This is a must and yes we shall.

Let me once again wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year.
God bless our homeland Ghana and keep us safe.


Maame Aba Dadzie.
Chairman-NDC USA.

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