Sempe Mantse Condemns Gborbu Wulomo’s Marriage To 12-year-old child

The Paramount Chief for the Sempe Traditional Area, Nii Adote Otintor II, is peeved by the recent marriage between a 63-year-old Ga priest and a 12-year-old child.

According to the Mankralo of the Ga State, the act is unwarranted and does not align with the customs of the Ga Dangbe people.

He said the President, the traditional authorities and other institutions have a role to play in protecting the girl child and that the 1992 Constitution is paramount and above any law or tradition; hence the GaDangme must rise and ensure that this evil must end.

He said the youth are the future and they must be protected saying that, if these things are allowed to continue there would not be a future for the Ga Youth,

Nii Adote Otintor II promised not to take the matter likely but will pursue it to ensure that the right things are done.

Just days ago, a customary marriage ceremony was held between the sexagenarian Gborbu Wulomo, Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII, and the minor, Naa Ayemoede.

This event has sparked widespread criticism from the general public regarding the significant age difference and its potential impact on the child’s future.

The spokesperson for the Gborbu Wulomo has defended the action, dismissing the criticism as stemming from ignorance.

Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II said, “What is happening is a dent on the reputation of all Ga Dangbe people. I am telling all Ga youth that this is the time for them to rise. Some leaders of the ethnic group are dragging the tribe through the mud. If we play with things like this, it will cast dirt on the community.”

But, according to the Executive Secretary to the Sempe Paramount Chief, Elvis Asiedu Antwi, the ceremony that was carried out by Gborbu Wulomo was purely marriage and that is against the Constitution and the Children’s Act of Ghana.

He said, the Children’s Act (1998) describes a child as a person below the age of eighteen (18) years and Section 2 of that Act which talks about the Welfare principle states that the best interest of the child shall be paramount in any matter concerning a child and the child must be protected from neglect, discrimination, violence, abuse, exposure to physical and moral hazards and oppression.

He said, “It also states that, No person shall force a child: (a) to be betrothed; (b) to be the subject of a dowry transaction; or (c) to be married and Clause (2) says that the minimum age of marriage of whatever kind shall be eighteen years.”

According to him, what is happening in Gborbu Wulomo’s case is nothing but can be described as “pedophile” which is against the laws of Ghana and as stated in the ACT, the Penalty for contravention is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding c5 million or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or to both.

He dispelled Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II’s position that those against the Gborbu Wuloomo’s marriage to the 12-year-old girl are a dent on the reputation of all Ga Dangbe.

He said, the criticisms are in no way creating a dent on the reputation of all Ga Dangbe but rather, the act of allowing Gborbu Wulomo to marry a child.

Elvis Asiedu Antwi called on all the youth including the Ga Dangbe youth to rise up and fight the evils that are being perpetrated in the name of customs and tradition and come together to help build a better society.

He said the future of the youth is paramount hence international organizations such as Amnesty International should intervene in the ongoing development.

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