A special dog Trainers school called Kenneth Singah Dog Trainers Academy and Career Incorporation, has been set up at Tse Addo near Unique Floral to train prospective dog trainers into top notch professional trainers.

The Academy which was founded in 2011 had initially started training dogs and dog owners on individual basis at their homes on how to handle, control and most especially how to let their pet dogs obey their commands.
According to the Proprietor of the school Mr. Kenneth Singah, it was based on the increasing numbers of individual request for private training and the time constraint that prompted his idea of rather setting up a school where a lot more dog owners and prospective dog trainers could be accommodated and taught effectively.
Coming from a rather humble background, Mr. Singah expressed his gratitude to his first Dog Trainers’ professor or teacher Mr. George Andah, the deputy Communication’s Minister and how he earned a living from choosing that career path.
Mr. Singah narrated that as the years went by he felt encouraged to do more so he decided to upgrade his training skills abroad and therefore started searching the internet to apply for a dog training school. He said, out of the three schools he applied to, he got admission to Anthony Jerone School of Dog Trainers in the USA where he enhanced his skills and received a certificate from the school at the end of the full course.
He also indicated that after his training course abroad he decided to come back home and impart the special training skills he had acquired to his fellow Ghanaians to create jobs or chart a career path for the youth in that area and most especially to also solve the issues and problems most dog owners face because of lack of knowledge or the understanding of the behavioral traits of certain breeds of dogs that they buy or own.
The school which is first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa runs courses for Basic, Obedience and Behavior modification. They also do Decoy/Protection training courses as well as K9 Handlers course for Security Agencies.
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