Takoradi Port Designates Areas Of Quarantine For COVID-19

The Health Services Department of the Takoradi Port in conjunction with Port Health has taken significant steps to ensure that they curtail any spread of COVID-19, should the virus find its way through the port.

According to the Head of Medical Services, Takoradi Port, Dr. George Tida Kabi, in preparedness towards possible contact with the coronavirus, there are two separate holding areas designated for the addressing any potential cases.

The holding areas, which have been furnished with the necessary protective equipment and bed space, according to him is meant for solely those identified by the health authorities for having the disease.

“These are solely for people who would walk into our facility and been identified by we the health personnel to have COVID-19. We would keep the person in our holding area, and trigger emergency preparedness, by informing the Regional Health Directorate,” he revealed.

He said, his outfit is collaborating closely with the Port Health Unit of the Ghana Health Service, to ensure crew on board as well as clients and staff of the Port who show symptoms are quickly tested and quarantined where necessary.

“Usually port health would get information that a ship is coming, and the crew list is available to them. They would first go to the ship and identify the client, and they would notify us,” he explained.

The Head of Medical Services, Takoradi Port also revealed that the staff of the Authority have also been adequately trained in preventive measures.

He added that intensive simulation exercises would be conducted as soon as the Management takes receipt of sufficient Personal protective equipment.

“The process of procurement is about 90%,” he disclosed.

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