Tap and Pay with your Visa contactless card for a seamless and secure experience

Amid the ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and anxiety around a 3rd wave, age-old industries have rethinked daily operations and adapted new ways, especially when it comes to payment of goods and services. Visa, especially its contactless payment platform has stood the test during the pandemic to the point that today, the new buzzword is Contactless!

Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay and more convenient than using the traditional payment methods. With a Visa Contactless debit or credit card, a customer is only required to ‘tap to pay’ on the POS device to execute transactions not exceeding GH¢100 with no requirement to enter a PIN, swipe their card, or sign a receipt.

During a recent TV interview, the Country Manager of Visa in Ghana, Adoma Peprah said there was a strong shift with e-commerce earlier on during the pandemic but the lockdown was not quite long so many Ghanaians had to re-open shops and find a safe and convenient way of transacting business and making payments.

Visa’s Contactless payment technology was therefore made available for merchants’ and customers’ use throughout the country so Ghanaians could enjoy secure and seamless transactions and movement of money.

“Even though our contactless payments have been rolling for a while through the banks, we believe it is an opportune time to carry out mass rollout of contactless cards and ensure most of our partners are rolling this on their apps”, she added.

One of Visa’s leading eCommerce processor in Ghana, expressPay shared highlights during TV interview about how Visa is helping to transform businesses in Ghana. Curtis Vanderpuije, the CEO of expressPay indicated that contactless payments have been in existence for a while and they are growing stronger and stronger with expressPay.

“Customers who are registered on the platform should just tap and send money to any mobile network or banking platform instantly and also pay for any bills, amongst other daily transactions”, said Curtis.

He noted that expressPay enables customers to pay through contactless solutions through their smart POS’ and QR solutions where there is no contact or where there is no requirement for a USSD or pin.

Visa’s Contactless payment technology is the go-to payment solution that is simple, convenient and secure. Tap and pay with Visa today!

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