Video: The Mega Accra ‘Mpaebo Kesie’ At Parliament Chapel

Yesterday, 22nd February, Accra Mpaebo kesie at the Parliament Chapel International (PCI) was power-packed.

The event which was held at the Church’s auditorium was full of spirituality as the Holy Spirit was felt.

The SEER, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah exhausted the power and the authority of God as the prayer session was described as people who attended as exceptional due to its nature and reason behind the service.

The heavy power-packed, spirit-filled prayer session at the PCI church, was the place many believers were on February 22, 2023.

The spirit of healing was released and many people received healing.

“You are, You Will and You Can, by faith you shall possess and by faith you shall do what you want to do and succeed doing it.”

Ahead of the prayer session, an invitation was sent to all for the Mpaebo Kese where it was assured that something great was about to happen and indeed, it happened.

Glory Be To God as few hours after the event testimonies are being received from people, showing how God used the day to bless their lives.

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