Youth, Aged Are My Major Concern

An aspiring Assembly Member for Odoom Estate/Fire Service/Abornnye and Assissim Electoral Area in the Agona West Constituency, Mr. Kenneth Ampah has disclosed that youth empowerment and welfare of the aged has been the driving force, compelling him to go to the Assembly to represent the people of his electoral area.

An educationist by profession, Mr. Ampah pointed out that majority of the youth in his area do not have any academic qualification and therefore engage in menial jobs for their daily up-keeping, with some of themlearning vocational trade like carpentry, masonry, mechanics and electronics.

He assured that when voted as the Assembly Member for the area, he would ensure that every child of school-going age gets access to quality education, and also empower the youth by supporting them both financially and materially to acquire some vocational skills.

He stated that his other major concern is the situation where the aged, especially the women who visit the only public place of convenience in the area have to use a wooden seat provided by the care taker of the facility, because of their inability to squat to ease themselves, a situation he said cold make them contract any infectious disease.

He noted that when voted as the Assembly Member, he would lobby for the construction of at least a three-sitter ultra-modern Water Closet toilet facility, solely for the aged in the area.

By; Robert Ayanfl

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