Zonda Tec Ghana CEO Challenges Women To Strive For Excellence

The Chief Executive of Zonda Tec Ghana Limited and Sinotruk, a prominent Chinese transport and logistics company, Mrs Yang Yang has challenged women, especially Ghanaian women, to work hard and become the spirit that drives the man, the family and the nation forward.

Mrs. Yang Yang was speaking in a short video to women to mark this year’s International Women’s Day, where she averred that Ghanaian women have advantage in several industry and since industries in Ghana are male-dominated, women who are determined are given the necessary push to succeed.

She gave herself as an example when she indicated that in the industry she operates, being a male-dominated industry, most of the customers decided to associate with her seeing a woman doing such a great job.

“They have sympathy in me, they appreciate my work, they give me more business, so I am so blessed being a woman, determined to work irrespective of the obstacles,” she said.

Yang Yang also advised women never to think of themselves as a mere woman or just a woman but regard themselves as entrepreneurs and be counted among the lot who are changing lives.

According to her, there is not need for woman to be attending so many social activities because, as an entrepreneur, attending such activities will rob you of the ability to think and to make informed decisions.

“If you really want to do a great job, don’t go into too many social activities, I seldom attend social activities. Once you have set this goal you need to know the rules,” she added.

She also said: “If don’t attend so many social activities, you can do lots of thinking, you can think through and make decisions that will propel your business, and do your planning inside and set your agenda.”

She said women must also not lose sight of the fact that they are not just women but mothers, and for that matter must strive to be that good woman for the family, and for that man to lean on and ensure progress and make the family prosperous.

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