More Youth Join Assembly Race

Aspiring Assembly Members for Yaabem South and Yaarewa Zongo Electoral Areas in the Agoan West Constituency, Charles Kobina Kotey and Shabban Salisu have revealed that their intent of vying for the position is as a result of the numerous problems facing their respective areas.

Speaking in separate interviews with, both aspirants mentioned bad nature of roads, poor sanitation, youth delinquency, absence of streets lights among others as some of the major problems confronting their area.

According to Charles Kobina Kotey, his area has only one place of public convenience serving a population of over two thousand people, and as a result this challenge, some people who stay afar from the facility often result to easing themselves in polythene bags and throw them in gutters and bushes, posing serious health risk such as the possible outbreak of infectious and transmissible disease such like cholera.

He assured that when voted as the Assembly member, his priority would be tackling the issue of sanitation ahead of the other problems.

With high future political ambitions, the aspiring Assembly member disclosed that he has already purchased street lights bulbs to replace the malfunctioning ones, as a way of curb the problem of theft and mobile and bag snatching during the night in parts of the area.

On his part, the aspiring Assembly member for Yaarewa Zongo, Shabban Salisu also mentioned youth unemployment and sanitation which said remains his two main priority problems.

A teacher by profession, he disclosed that his intention of contesting for the position was influences by the call by youth and opinion leaders on him to represent them at the Assembly.

Though he commended the incumbent Assembly member for doing his bit, he said that was not enough, as he failed to solve the problem of youth unemployment and sanitation that confronts the area.

He assured that he would join forces with everybody that matters in the area, irrespective of one’s tribal difference to move Yaarewa Zongo’s development forward.

Claimed to be the largest Zongo in the Central Region, Yaarewa Zongo still lags behind in terms of development.

By: Robert Ayanful

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