The Obaatan of Gomoa Beseadze in the Central Region, Nana Kweku Esuon Okogyeaman III has expressed regrets how the youth of today have neglected their own culture on the altar of foreign culture.

He expressed the regrets during the week-long celebration of the yam festival of the people of the town which was cultivated by their ancestors, to usher in the new crop.

According to him, majority of the youth of today deemed celebration of cultural practices as fetish, and therefore do not want to participate in it.

He pointed out that the celebration is to honor their ancestors for their hard work, and also to pacify the gods for their protection.

He has therefore urged the youth to take Keen interest in cultural practices and norms, so as to hold the mantle as future generation, as that is their only identity as a people.

By Robert Ayanful

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